Can I paint uPVC frames?


OPTION 1 You can buy bog standard upvc paint from many DIY stores to brush paint a superficial surface onto uPVC frames but it will need repainting every couple of years. This defeats a key benefit of uPVC as it is virtually maintenance free. You can Do It Yourself or most painter and decorators will undertake the painting for around the same price as if you had wooden windows and doors BUT IT WILL NOT LAST.

OPTION 2 Spray Painting standard paint provides a smoother finish and will tend to last a little longer than a brush painted application. You can rent spray guns for DIY or call in a specialist sprayer. As a rule of thumb you can expect the price you pay to a professional sprayer to be about 80% labour and 20% materials.

OPTION 3 The most durable and minimal maintenance is a permanent colour change of the uPVC through a specialist spraying process incorporating molecular colour bonding materials to blend with the pores of your uPVC frames. GET A QUOTE NOW. This is not suitable for a DIY enthusiast and tends to have a material cost of more than 50% of the overall price and less than 50% labour most specialists are in high demand.

All three options are a minor fraction of the cost of replacement windows and doors in a different colour but you should take great care that you are not fooled into paying a similar price for Option 3 as Option 2 !  Always ask for a breakdown of the labour cost.

Option 3 is almost always used by commercial buyers for shop fronts, industrial units and offices and residential home owners that have done there research.

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