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Composite and GRP Spray Painting

Residential and Commercial Composite and GRP spray painting is the revolutionary process ColdShield use to economically transform and modernise properties with more appealing colours to add real value and aesthetic appeal across the UK. ColdShield Spray Paint Composite and GRP:

- Houses           - Offices

- Schools          - Shop Fronts

- Warehouses   - Industrial Units

- Restaurants    - Hospitals

Many are put off replacing their Composite or GRP Garage doors, front doors because it is so expensive, messy, time-consuming and disruptive. Spray painting composite and GRP frames by ColdShield make the recolouring of them up to 80% less expensive than replacing - proving so popular nowadays as the ideal way of dramatically improving the look of your property for a relatively small investment.

Coldshield’s specialist sprayers apply a bespoke and individually prepared paint from the ColdShield production facility to transform Composite and GRP frames with very latest technology and processes. You can choose from any colour, RAL, BS, Farrow and Ball and many more. We can spray both the internal and external of your frames.

Our Spraying Specialists apply our unique bonding process. You Choose the Colour and we do the Rest to ensure an impeccable factory finish quality. You may want to re-colour your Composite or GRP Front Doors or Garage Doors to match any colour you choose with our unique process.

When it comes to ColdShield refurbishing the exterior or interior of a building, shop front or other metalwork, it is vitally important to ensure it is properly cleaned and prepared. Since Composite and GRP is non-porous, paint will not automatically adhere to the surface. Preparing the metal is an essential part of the spray painting process. Without adequate preparation the paint will not adhere to the frames and liable to chip or peel.

It is essential that only the Composite and GRP is coated, and all adjacent surfaces are protected during preparation and spraying.

The Composite Doors or GRP is ALWAYS primed with ColdShield products for perfect bonding of the paint to the surface to increase life expectancy of the permanent colour bond, normally, the Composite or GRP is etched primed in order to prepare the surface for the paint to adhere to optimum efficiency.

After the paint has dried (within 10-15 Minutes), our paint sprayers will remove the material used to mask off the adjacent areas. The newly coated Composite or GRO will be dry in a few minutes while business continues with a new lease of life with the Composite or GRP to avoid and cracking and peeling like normal paints. We fully protect the glass and all surrounding areas so there is no mess or disruption to you. This is the best alternative to replacing and comes with many benefits.

Spray painting Composite or GRP is the ideal way of drastically improving the look of your building and adding street appeal as well as value to your commercial or residential building.

At ColdShield, our flexibility allows us to work with a vast range of clients including building architects, designers, building project managers, commercial property owners, property management companies and subcontractors in the construction industry.

We can service Composite and GRP spray painting efficiently and to an extremely high standard. All Composite and GRP spray painting jobs are completed to look new and fresh, as well as having an increased lifespan due to the spray paint safeguarding the surfaces frames from the weather and general deterioration. The coating used will be durable and protective which is the cost-effective alternative to replacement.

ColdShield will help you save money and time by refurbishing your Composite and GRP instead of the cost of fully replacing it.

We Spray Paint Composite and GRP all over the UK, including the North West, West Midlands, North Wales, Yorkshire & Humberside. Spray Painting GRP and Composite Garage Doors and Front Doors in areas such as Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, Wigan, Bolton, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Cheshire are extremely popular.


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We spray Composite and GRP all over the UK in areas such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, London and Newcastle. Please CONTACT US for more information.

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